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Blocked Clogged Drain in Toronto House! Call Toronto Emergency Plumber asap! Most property owners will eventually learn that in order to maintain your property for a long time to come it is always best to find the best solution instead of searching for the cheapest solution that might not work very well and give you trouble in the future. When it comes to clogged drains this is definitely the case, if a clogged drain is not taken care of carefully it can cause more problems and can even become more expensive to fix. What should you not do if you have a clogged drain in Toronto? Most people when discovering that they have a clogged drain will want to fix it as quickly as possible. This desire to solve our problem quickly often results in us causing more damage than there was in the first place. Here are a few mistakes that many people make when faced with a clogged drain: Using Chemical Drain Cleaners: Although chemical cleaners can sometimes work they are designed for very sp
Should you call a plumber? For plumbing issues, Always call a Plumber! Most of us will at some point in our lives have to deal with a plumbing issue, some of these issues are not very difficult to fix and we can fix them on our own but in some cases having a plumbers help is necessary. Our professional emergency plumbing team has come up with a few common problems that people might experience and should call a professional for. 1. Dripping Faucets If you have a dripping faucet it may not seem like a big deal, and you might even consider simply ignoring it in order to avoid having to pay a plumber to come and fix it but having a dripping faucet can cause your water bill to go up dramatically, and over time you will end up actually saving money by getting a plumber to help. In most cases dripping faucets are not very easy fixes and calling a plumber is required to make sure that it`s done properly and the right tools are used. 2. Frozen Pipes If you have frozen pipes we highl
How to Prevent Summer Water Damage Tips: How to Avoid Water Damage in summer? It’s finally summer in Toronto, but don’t let the nice weather fool you. Many people assume that during the summer months water damage is not an issue that they need to think about but don’t let the high temperatures fool you. Water damage can happen at any time in the year and you need to be ready to deal with it. It is unlikely that you will experience water damage due to the weather during the summer months but water damage doesn’t always happen because of outside conditions. If something goes wrong with your plumbing system you could have a large problem on your hands. Often even small problems can become big ones if you’re on vacation and your home is left empty for a few days, weeks, or months. In order to prevent water damage in the summer while on vacation it’s important that you prepare your home against water damage whenever you are leaving it. Below are a few tips that our Water Damage Rest
Roofing Emergency Roof Stracture! How to prevent leaking roof emergency? We all rely on roofs to keep us and the things in our home safe from the weather. Our roofs protect us from rain, snow, hail, and even provide shade for us in the summer. We use our roofs every day and rarely ever think about how positively they impact our lives but what do you do if something happens to your roof? It is not uncommon for roofs to be damaged by hail, wind or even something like a tree falling through them. Here are four common questions that people have during a roofing emergency. 1. How do I know I have a roofing emergency? If your roof is damaged during a storm or rainfall, and water is getting into your home, you most likely have a roofing emergency on your hands. Once on site GTA Restoration is often able to quickly apply a protective cover to keep water out of your home temporarily. It is impossible to properly assess your home until the weather conditions are better and we can get a g
Tips for Property Managers Dealing with Water Damage Water Damage Tips for Property Managers! Water damage can seriously affect the value of your property and put your tenant's health in risk. Problems that may seem small or unimportant can quickly turn into a disaster that is expensive to repair. It’s important as a property manager to make sure that your property is free from problems such as a leaky plumbing system or poorly sealed windows. Investing into fixing these problems early on can ensure that they won’t get out of hand and result in more costly property damages and future repairs. Some common problems that come with water damage include: Mold: If water damage isn’t taken care of properly and quickly often it will result in mold growth. In many cases mold can grow behind walls or in other hidden areas and go unnoticed. Mold is dangerous not only to the structural integrity of your property but to the tenants living in your property. Mold can cause serious health
GTA Restoration Seervice Toronto Feferral Fee Program! Referral fee program offered by GTA Restoration! Do you know anybody with mold or water damage? GTA Restoration is now offering a referral program, for every person that you refer to us we will give you 10%. That means from a $1,000 job you will get $100 or from a $10,000 job you will get $1,000 unlike many other companies in our industry we don’t put a cap on how much you can earn, so no matter how expensive the job is you will always get 10% Remember: This will take effect if the Invoice is paid within the due date! GTA Restoration is a highly trusted company and we are fully certified to perform water damage restoration and mold remediation so you can recommend us with confidence. If you would like to get some brochures or cards from us to hand out to people that you know might be interested let us know and we can provide them for you. If you would like more information on this program you can contact us at Support@GTA
3 Tips to find Common Water Leak from Roofing Issues! How to find Roofing Water Leak Issues! A problem that many homeowners will face at some point in their lives is a leaky roof. It can be very expensive to fix a roof leak, especially in an emergency situation when a crew needs to be on the scene immediately. In most cases, homeowners are not trained to fix roofing problems on their own and must rely on experts to help them during an emergency but even experts sometimes have trouble finding and detecting the source of the leak. In many cases, water will enter in one spot and travel to a completely different area making it difficult to find and fix the water leak. By taking good care of your roof and following a simple maintenance program, most roof damage can be completely avoided. Just like you don’t expect a car that never has the oil changed to run you shouldn’t expect your roof to continue to work flawlessly without some sort of maintenance plan. We recommend that you have