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Flooded Basement Remediation In Toronto by GTA Restoration! Toronto Flooding – causing, restoration, and prevention! A flooded basement is a condition where a large amount of water accumulates in the basement of the house caused by various reasons. The standing water in the basement can be a great threat to the safety and hygiene of your house. It can cause a lot of damages to your home and belongings for instance mold growth, damage foundations, ruin stored items and damage to furniture. Most of the time, the homeowners try to restore the flooded basement but results in further damage as the layman have not enough knowledge to restore flooded basement keeping in view all types of damage. No matter what is the quantity of standing water, the damage could be very serious even a small quantity of water can result in severe water damage. Hence the cleanup of the flooded basement is necessary quickly and properly by professionally trained contractors. Causes of a basement flooding in
How To Deal With Flood and Water Damage in your Toronto Home! Water damage – effects, and restoration process! Water damage includes any sort of destruction or loss caused by excessive water intrusion. The water damage can be instantaneous, fast, and destructive such as flooding or maybe slow such as damaging surfaces with water spots, rotting of wood, rusting of iron, the growth of molds, and delaminating of some surfaces. Water is the most destructive substance and causes loss of too much money on restoration. The destruction and damage become more serious if the water is contaminated, unsanitary, and delay in restoration services. Causes of property water damage! There are thousands of causes of water damage. Water is extensively used everywhere so it can cause damage at any time when uncontrolled. Water damage occurs when a large amount of water accumulates in the area where it should not in a normal situation. Floods, melting of snow and heavy rain are the reasons for sudd
Water Damage Cleanup Tips and Restoration Techniques! Tips on Water Damage Restoration and Cleanup Techniques! Water can seriously damage your house and expensive furniture if not taken care of immediately. Water damage usually occurs due to frozen and burst pipes and if you have been in such a situation, it may have definitely leaving you thinking about what should be done next? Water damage restoration is not an easy task and it should only be left for professional restoration companies such as GTA Restoration. With an experience of more than 19 years, GTA Restoration is fully capable of restoring your house to its original state after water damage and even guides you step-by-step to claim home insurance. However, before the GTA Restoration team shows up at your doorstep, there are some important steps you can take to minimize the damage. Shutting down the main water supply is Allaways a proper thing to do! The first step to take once you notice the water damage is to shut
Occurrences of Sewer Backup in Toronto Home in Basement Occurrences of Sewer Backup in Toronto! There are a number of ways where your sewer system could end up compromised and set off a major overflow of unsanitary conditions.  For example, if your area received a large influx of rain in a short period, it can cause the runoff to overwhelm the sewer lines and start moving back out. Common Contributors to Sewer Backups If you have parents who will yell at you for pouring grease down the sink, then you should thank them.  This is one of the most common ways to clog your drains up and cause the sewer line to back up.  On the other end of common plumbing problems is the toilet and bathroom sink.  It can be easy to assume that it will take a lot of toilet paper alone to clog a toilet and cause a sewer blockage, but it’s all a matter of timing, where the pipe bends is where most clogging points happen.  Paper towels and baby wipes can cause a clog all on their own. This is why some
Spring Temperature creates moisture and Mold Growth! Mold removal and remediation companies know that spring and summer warm humid weather spawns musty odors from mold. Mold is a fungus that thrives in humid moist conditions inside and outside, on damp materials and various types of food nutrients like drywall and wood. Mold growth and its development is affected by warmer temperatures, so in the spring and summer one can expect to see or smell mold. Hot weather encourages mold growth and while air conditioning will decrease your property’s interior temperature there often remains warm areas inside cabinets and closets that trap moisture and humidity with no way for the air to circulate out. Mold remediation companies will tell you that poor ventilation encourages mold growth. Without good ventilation in attics and roofs hot air can rise, get trapped and turn into condensation that can lead to water and mold. Most of us are very familiar with mold and mildew in bathrooms or kitch
FIRE Damage Restoration Company in Toronto! The Importance of Hiring a FIRE Damage Restoration Company! Think twice before you think it’s a good idea to undertake the smoke & fire damage cleanup on your property, without fire damage restoration professionals. Entering the building after a fire is not safe because there could be hidden dangers.  Without being obvious the stability of the structure may have been compromised, floors and walls might have been damaged and a medley of highly toxic fumes may be masked by the smell of fire. Fire Damage Restoration Water and chemicals used to extinguish the fire will cause additional damage that can continue long after the flames are extinguished. The fire may be out, but the water, ash, soot, smoke-odors and residue that remain can continue to do serious harm. As soon as the fire starts ash residue gathers and within hours it will discolour appliances, tarnish metals, and craze acrylic. It will permanently yellow walls, and permane
Frozen Plumbing Pipes Emergency Plumber Toronto! Frozen plumbing pipes and how to prevent them from Freezing? Don’t be left out in the cold! Even if your heat is on and you’re warm inside remember that when the temperature outside drops below freezing your pipes can freeze. As the water inside your pipes freezes, it turns to ice and the ice expands. Pressure from expanding ice inside your pipes can cause them to form cracks, that leaked water behind your walls and floors or ceilings. In no time flat, cracked pipes can become burst pipes when they defrost, leaving you with a flooded basement and an on going threat of water damage. Here Are Some Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes: - Locate your water shut-off valve - Show everyone in the house including your tenants where to find the water shut-off valve and show them how to shut it off - Position a couple of flashlights by the water shut-off valve in case you lose electrical power - The outside water supply needs to be turned off
Modern Lacquer Smart Kitchen Cabinets by GTA Restoration Toronto Kitchen Design & Renovation in Toronto! Get a head start on your dream kitchen and let the benefits of a kitchen renovation transform your life. Your kitchen is the most valued place in your home.  Here is a list of Fresh Kitchen Makeover ideas to think about. Backsplash Kitchen Tiles Design by GTA Restoration Toronto Kitchen Backsplashes Classic white beveled edge subway tiles are still very popular and can quickly turn a drab kitchen sleek and stylish. For a bright bistro style look use kitchen tiles with rich colours and patterns for your backsplash. Kitchen Island Design by GTA Restoration Toronto Kitchen Islands Keep family and friends close to you and stay in the conversation while you try out the latest celebrity chef recipe with a new kitchen island. Regardless of its size you can create the cool feeling of an open plan kitchen.  Expand its functionality to include counter eat-in dining. Add a
Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Servcies in Toronto Fire Damage Remediation & Restoration! Experiencing a fire on your property is a stressful situation. After the firefighters leave you are left to deal with fire damage, soot and smoke damage. Fire and smoke damage cleanup can appear to be a simple process but it requires the knowledge, experience, professional equipment and manpower to be done right. That is my property owners should not try to clean and restore the damage themselves. GTA Restoration provides professional smoke and fire damage restoration services in Toronto and the GTA and we have over 15 years of experience. Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Servcie in Toronto Why Professionals Should Clean - Remediate Soot & Smoke Damage! What fire leaves behind will continue to affect the property. Ash, soot and smoke will cause extensive discoloration and etching, corrosion and lingering odours. Fire damage restoration professionals can effectively clean
Bathroom Renovations Toronto! Bathroom Renovation, Design & Ideas! Is your bathroom looking kind of old and sad? Time for a bathroom renovation? Great! So many things to consider. Tiles, maybe a jet bathtub, heated flooring, so many details that goes into a bathroom design. And what about your shower system? You can create a spa like relaxing experience right in your own bathroom! Grohe Rainshower Home Renovations in a Toronto House! Creating the perfect shower system! When designing a bathroom shower system you need to first discover all the different options you have. From waterfall and rain shower heads, hand held heads with slide bar, jets and sprays, a tiled bench that allows you to enjoy the running water and steam. The options are endless! To begin, lets look at a handheld shower head on a slide mounting bar. A handheld shower head is great for family members of different heights and ability. The slide bar allows to adjust the height of the showerhead and is grea
Structural Drying Restoration Equipments for Rent in Toronto The 4 Principles for Drying after Water Damage! So you had a flood in your home. A burst pipe? Maybe a drain backup? Or just forgot the tap on. Whatever the case, you are now surrounded by water, your carpets are wet, water is sipping in your hardwood floors, clothing, toys and furnishings are wet. Where do you start? Water should be extracted as soon as possible to limit damage to your boards and drywall or worst, buckle your hardwood floor. Structural Drying Restoration Service in Toronto 4 Drying Principles! Calling a water damage restoration company is the right decision. We have professional grade equipment like vacuums for water, pumps, driers, dehumidifiers, and more. A home should be completely dry within 4 days or the risk for bacteria growth increases exponentially. Don't take the risk of trying to remedy the situation yourself. Water Clean up - Extraction! The first step of the drying process is t
Wet Basement Causes Mold Contamination! Wet basements are the ideal environment for mold to grow and to causes fungus contamination. Not all mold is harmful but depending how long you had a wet basement the risk of harmful or black mold growing increases. Besides the health risks, mold feeds on building materials, like wood, drywall, baseboards, etc. which leads to fast deterioration and the need for renovations. Basement Waterproofing Risk of Harmful Black Mold Growth If you have a wet basement with mold growing then the first issue you need to address is waterproofing your basement. GTARestoration offers basement waterproofing services at competitive prices. Waterproofing includes sealing wall and floor cracks and window wells, repairing your foundation both exterior and interior, addressing plumbing issues and other moisture causes. Causes of wet basement: - Cracks to the foundation and supporting walls - Rain runoff from rainwater or melted snow - Leaky sewer pipe -
Emergency Plumber Toronto Prevent Water Pipes from Freezing in Toronto Winter! Canadian winter has now settled in and temperatures below freezing are here to stay for the next couple of months. During these winter months, we deal with an increased number of calls regarding water damage and emergency plumbing due to frozen and burst pipes. Tips: preventing frozen burst pipes on Toronto Cold Weather! When water freezes in your pipes it expands and the pressure within the pipes increases, this can lead to burst pipes and in consequence water damage of your home or property. There are certain steps you can take to safeguard your plumbing system from frozen pipe damage. HOW TO PREVENT FROZEN BURST PIPE DURING WINTER? - First, you should disconnect all outdoor hoses and turn the water off all exterior faucets. - Wrap pipes that are in the attic, crawl spaces and near exterior walls with pipe insulation or heating tape. - Keep your garage doors closed during the winter if there
Radiant Heating Floor Systems Can Prevent Bathroom Mold Contamination! Radiant floor heating system can prevent mold contamination! Bathroom mold is a real concern for home owners as it can cause health issues like allergic reactions and asthma attacks. Preventing bathroom mold has a lot to do with how good your bathroom fan is and that your bathroom vent leads all the way outside the home. But there is another element that can reduce moisture and humidity in your bathroom and that is a heated floor system installed underneath your floor tiles. Besides the comfort of stepping on warm tiles and a warm bathroom, heated floors have a mold prevention function as it allows water and humidity to quickly dry and be removed by your bathroom fan. Heated flooring can also dry hidden moisture that has sipped in your moldings, cabinets and any other building materials in your bathroom. If you wish to have a radiant floor heating system installed and a brand new tiled floor then we recommen
24 hour Emergency Roof Repair Service in Toronto! Prepare your roof for Fall & Winter in Toronto! The summer just passed and the last thing you want to think about is the rainfalls of the fall and snowstorms of the winter. But when it comes to roof inspections and repairs, being proactive can save you a lot of money and headaches. Roof repair professionals, like GTARestoration, are at their busiest in late fall and winter, when snow or heavy rainfall damages roofs. Repairing your roof during those times will be costlier, due to the high demand of their services, and will take longer due to bad weather. GTARestoration also offers water damage restoration services in the case you do experience damage to your roof. So seize the day and inspect your roof now before issues arise. GTARestoration offers both roof inspections and roof repairs. First, your roof has to be inspected for sunken spots and damaged tiles. A look inside the attic can also reveal signs of water leakage that h
Mold and Moisture Detection Home inspection in Toronto and the GTA! Mold Inspection & Test in Toronto! Buying a new house in Toronto? Preparing to sell your house? Did you have a home inspection and mold or signs of water damage were discovered? REAL ESTATE TORONTO When it comes to buying or selling a house being proactive helps. Having a mold and moisture detection property inspection can help you sell your house. If you are a buyer then requesting a property inspection for mold and water damage signs will give you peace of mind. SELLING YOUR HOUSE Finding mold in your house is not uncommon and most of the times it is affordably fixed. When it comes to water leakages and trapped moisture though that could potentially create a bigger problem. Detecting it early can save you a lot of money. Having a mold and moisture detection property inspection will identify any problem areas. Having a property inspection report from a professional and certified company like GTARestora
What to do in a plumbing emergency Toronto! What to do on plumbing emergency in Toronto! Plumbing emergencies differ from regular plumbing issues. When a burst pipe or sewage leakage occurs you need an emergency plumbing professional. An emergency plumbing and restoration company, like GTA Restoration, can quickly respond and resolve your plumbing emergency to minimize the water damage to your home. We can also take care of the flood cleanup and restoration of your belongings and property. There are some important steps you can take when facing a broken pipe. You can take these steps until the emergency plumbing crew arrives to help minimize damage. - Turn off the main water stop valve. This will cut water supply to your home. Now the only water that can leak into your home is the water being held in your pipes and plumbing system, this controls the amount of water that can leak into your home. - Turn on faucets around the home to drain any water that remains into your pipes a
Toronto Subsidy Program re Basement Flooding Protection! Toronto Basement Flood Protection Program! Basement flooding in Toronto is common problem for home owners. Due to the increasingly severe weather these past few years GTA Restoration has helped hundreds of clients in Toronto and the GTA with flooded basement cleanup and restoration. GTA Restoration can also help you take advantage of the city of Toronto subsidy to protect your basement from flooding. Basement Flooding Protection Program Toronto Homeowners! But there are some proactive steps that a homeowner can take to protect their property from basement flooding and the city of Toronto wants to help! The city of Toronto offers up to $3,400 per property to install flood protection devices including a backwater valve, a sump pump, and pipe severance and capping of the home’s storm sewer or external weeping tile connection. This is great news for home owners in Toronto and GTA Restoration can help! To qualify for this su
Condominium Restoration & Renovations in Toronto Condominium Restoration & Renovations When it comes to the common elements/areas of a condominium making an investment on condominium restoration and renovations improves a condominium's curb appeal and adds to property value. Attracting new investors and buyers is of great importance. The lobby, party room, common corridors, swimming pool area, basement levels and recreational facilities all impact how a condominium’s book is received. Renovating and updating the design of common areas allows older condominiums to stay competitive in the market. Starting with the lobby which makes a statement and first impression an update of flooring, wall color, and quality of materials sets the tone and attracts buyers. Corridors are another important elements that buyers and investors look at. Wall colors should be neutral, high traffic carpets should be clean and durable and lighting elements should offer functionality and can b
Prevent Toronto Spring Floods! Prevent House Floods from Spring Rains! Spring is just around the corner and each year Canadians eagerly await the arrival of warmer weather. But along with the higher temperatures, homeowners must be aware of spring rains and spring run-off water from all the melting snow and frozen water in the ground. Spring floods are common at this time of year and going through a checklist of potential risk areas that can contribute to flooding is important. Water damage from spring floods or spring rains can be costly to repair so better be safe than sorry! Prevent Water Damage from Melting Snow! Here is a list of things that could cause a flood in your home: - Poor drainage and blocked drains - Cracks around your foundation and basement walls - Blockage to the sewer system from your home - Sump pump failure Here is what you should do to avoid a flood and water damage: - Clear all snow around the foundation walls of your home. Melting snow pille
Bathroom Renovations Toronto Tips: Considering on Bathroom Renovation! A bathroom renovation project is a big undertaking, it is a space that the whole family uses, and your bathroom design not only needs to be aesthetically pleasing, it should offer functionality and longevity of your investment. Here are a few things to consider when planning your bathroom renovation: Bathroom ventilation: To avoid mold, rot and moisture issues in the future it is very important that you choose a proper ventilation system for your bathroom. Spend a little more on your bathroom fan, depending on your square footage and if a window is also available in the room. Also consider that your bathroom ventilation system is better to be vented downwards through the basement and out through the rim joists if possible. Do not vent through to an attic or roof as moisture can build up there. Build-in Shower Area: An open-concept build-in shower area offers more convenience and functionality to a family t
Bathroom Ventilation & Mold Avoiding Mold growth with proper ventilation! A properly installed bathroom fan is essential in avoiding mold growth in your bathroom.  Bathrooms are very common places for mold to grow because mold is attracted to moisture. When having a hot shower water vapors can sip into cracks, moldings, electrical outlets, and other surfaces that are made of organic material like wood, paper-faced wallboard, and insulation, etc. These organic materials when they get damp make an ideal mold growth environment in places that the eye can't detect. Mold and mildew are a problem on their own due to health issues they could cause, but keep in mind that they can also create damage to building materials including drywall and wood framing. Proper bathroom ventilation is important in keeping mold growth at bay. If you detect a musty odor in your bathroom but you cannot visually detect mold then you can have a non-invasive mold test performed by a mold removal & r
How to Prevent Household Water Damage in Winter! Tips on how to check for potential problem areas in your home and avoid water damage when snow and winter weather arrives. How to prevent house water damage in winter? It has been a mild December so far in Ontario but every homeowner knows that eventually snow and winter weather is bound to arrive within the next month or so. This is a good time to check your home for potential water damage risks and avoid future costly repairs.  Before a flooded basement or a roof leak occurs you can survey your home's exterior for problem areas and weak spots that could potentially create a water damage issue. CHECK YOUR GUTTERS Cleaning your gutters of debris and dead leaves should be your first priority when it comes to preventing interior water damage. It is a tedious task and there are many products on the market that claim to accomplish the work with less effort but as water damage restoration experts we have seen quite a few cases o
Flooded Home Flood & House Flooding! Check your insurance policy if it covers Flooding! In the past few years water damage claims have become increasingly common and cover 50% of all home insurance claims. Most people think that they are covered for all kinds of water damage, but not all water damage is the same, below we have written a few common sources of water damage and how it is most commonly covered in most standard insurance policies. Water damage is often expensive and time consuming to deal with so knowing what you’re covered for can help take a lot of stress off you if it ever occurs. GTA Restoration has a qualified team that works with many insurance companies and property managers to help them get past this stressful time, you can see some of the insurance companies we commonly work with on our insurance claims page. Does your insurance company cover water damage? Water Damage: Most property insurance includes coverage for accidental or any sudden water damag
Caution Biohazard Blog Image created by GTA Restoration Group in Toronto What types of Bio Hazard waste is there? Biohazardous waste can be very dangerous if it is not properly taken care of, it is known to potentially cause diseases like Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, and HIV. GTA Restoration is fully trained in biohazard removal, our team knows how to safely remove any biohazard waste in the Greater Toronto Area. Biohazard is occasionally called something else such as biomedical waste, infectious waste, or medical waste. Biohazard waste is any sort of waste that can contain infectious materials. Our expert biohazard removal team has written a few of the different types of biohazard waste below so that you can easily identify it. Human Bodily Fluids: Any sort of human body fluids, this includes: saliva, amniotic fluid, peritoneal fluid, pericardial fluid, pleural fluid, synovial fluid, cerebral spinal fluid, semen.etc this also includes any fluids that may contain blood. As well as
Fire Sprinkler Water Damage! How to avoid sprinkler water damage from fire? A lot of property owners are worried about their fire sprinkler systems may be falsely triggered and cause serious water damage, this is a very understandable concern. Below we have compiled a few of the potential causes of a false trigger so that you can have some more peace of mind and avoid any possible water damage. It is important to first understand how a fire sprinkler system works, fire sprinklers are automatically triggered when the sprinkler head reaches a temperature of 155-165 degrees.  In most cases less than three sprinklers will be enough to extinguish a building. In the past fire sprinklers were less reliable and were more likely to be set off accidently, but now they are much more reliable however it is still possible for them to be set off falsely. Overheating: If your sprinklers are located near a heat source such as a heater or skylight they might accidently discharge. If you are e
Water Damage from Forzen Burst Pipe in Toronto! Plumbing Emergency Water Damage in Toronto! If you are experiencing a plumbing issue in Toronto, it can sometimes be hard to tell if it is an emergency that needs to be dealt with right away or a simple problem that can wait. Our emergency plumbing team has written a few of the most common emergency plumbing issues below so that you can easily tell right away if you are experiencing them. These problems should be dealt with as soon as possible and can cause much larger issues if not dealt with immediately. Burst Pipe in Toronto: If you experience a burst pipe in your property and it begins to flood you should shut off your water valve and call an emergency plumber immediately. If this is not done as soon as possible it will likely lead to water damage which can cause damage to your belongings and more importantly encourage mold growth. Leaky Pipe in Toronto: A leaky pipe might not seem like a big deal at first, especially if i
Tips for how to fix Low Water Pressure House in Toronto! How to fix low water pressure in Toronto! One common and very frustrating problem that most homeowners will have to deal with at some point is low water pressure. We rely on water for so many tasks, from simply rinsing our hair to making coffee and it should not be a source of frustration. Luckily there are many ways to fix low water pressure as long as you can find the cause. Below our Emergency Plumbing team has listed a few common causes of low water pressure. - Debris: If your home has old pipes it’s possible that they have rusted and plastic particles from the broken pipes are causing a clog. It’s common for algae and debris to clog up valves and aerators. - Mineral Deposits: Minerals can build up inside shower heads over time and cause faucets to clog up and prevent the flow of water. - Poor municipal supply: In some cases, the city’s supply of water can be poor due to leaks and pressure. - Water leaks: If you have
Top 10 Emergency Plumbers in Toronto How to Prevent Plumbing Emergency in Toronto! No matter what kind of building you look at, most have plumbing systems that function roughly the same way. Although one thing to keep in mind if you’re an owner or resident of a multifamily housing system such as an apartment building or condo is that one problem such as a backed up sink can cause lots of problems not just in your unit but for many of the residents living in the same building. No matter what your case it is always good to be aware of potential problems and how to avoid them in order to keep your home in good condition. Below we’ve listed three commons that our emergency plumbers regularly encounter. Clogged Drains: Clogged Drains are a very common problem in all kinds of buildings, if you live in a property with multiple units it’s important to take care of it quickly as one clogged sink in one apartment can cause other sinks along the line to back up as well. In major situations,
How to best avoid water damage in your condo! How to prevent water damage in your Toronto condo? Many Canadians are buying condos, either as first time home owners or in order to downsize. Talking with brokers and our customers we have found that water damage is a large concern for condo buyers. In order to help condo owners we have created this guide, with some tips and important information. Before buying your condo It’s important that before you buy your condo you make sure to understand your condo’s insurance policy as well as you own and how much protection you have. Some questions that you can ask your lawyer, property manager and real estate agent include: What does the corporation’s insurance cover? And what does it not? Does the corporation’s policy cover only the common areas and structure of your building? Or does it cover more, for example damage to your units walls. If you building experiences major damage will you have to possibly pay an additional cost to c
Flooded Basement and Water Damage Laminate Floor form Toronto Home Water damage needs to be dealt with ASAP! Water damage can be very devastating to your home and can cause a lot of damage to the things inside your home, as well as the home itself. Although some of the damage happens instantly, or within a few minutes of being flooded, some damage takes longer to happen and can be avoided if the situation is taken care of quickly and efficiently. In many cases, with water damage, your belongings can get damaged and destroyed in under 24 hours, so it’s very important to contact a certified water damage expert if you want to save your belongings. Below we have written the different stages of water damage and how it can affect your home and belongings if not quickly dealt with. The first hour of Water Damage: Most damage that occurs within the first hour cannot be stopped as it will happen very quickly. On the bright side, most of the damage that is caused within the first hour