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Property Waterproofing in Toronto?

Waterproofing is the process of sealing or blocking any area that water can seep into. When you water proof something you are making it water resistant. Lots of objects are water proofed or water resistant to avoid damage such as cameras and watches. Waterproofing first became popular when boats were water proofed with pitch or tar. Although over time it has become much more popular in many industries. Plumbing is one of the most common industries when people think about waterproofing, all tubes and pipes must be water proofed and sealed. This is usually done by using o-rings and rubber gaskets. Another technique commonly used is water-repellent coatings usually this is what’s used to water proof concrete walls in basements, decks and other structures built in wet or damp areas.

Why is waterproofing concrete necessary?

If concrete is wet for too long it will get softer and start to crack. Any structure made of concrete should be water proofed because although it looks very strong it is actually filled with many tiny holes on the inside that are created when construction workers mix the concrete with water. As a result concrete can absorb a lot of water. If concrete is not properly water proofed it can cause problems with leaks and cause your property to be very damp. This is bad because it can cause seriously damage to the structure of your property and cause the growth of mold. The team at GTA Restoration can help you with waterproofing no matter how big or small the situation is. You can see more information about waterproofing here.


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