Should you call a plumber?

For plumbing issues, Always call a Plumber!

Most of us will at some point in our lives have to deal with a plumbing issue, some of these issues are not very difficult to fix and we can fix them on our own but in some cases having a plumbers help is necessary. Our professional emergency plumbing team has come up with a few common problems that people might experience and should call a professional for.

1. Dripping Faucets

If you have a dripping faucet it may not seem like a big deal, and you might even consider simply ignoring it in order to avoid having to pay a plumber to come and fix it but having a dripping faucet can cause your water bill to go up dramatically, and over time you will end up actually saving money by getting a plumber to help. In most cases dripping faucets are not very easy fixes and calling a plumber is required to make sure that it`s done properly and the right tools are used.

2. Frozen Pipes

If you have frozen pipes we highly recommend that you call an emergency plumber, some people may try to fix this problem on their own by using blow dryers and other things but in most cases, it won`t be enough to thaw the pipes and can make the problem worse. If you experience a burst pipe or your pipe cracks it can cause extensive damage to your home and will often require a professional water damage remediation team to help you clean up all the damage.

3. Clogged Toilet

If you have a clogged toilet in many cases you can simply use a plunger to fix it but in some cases, it can be trickier. If you notice that after flushing your water looks like it might overflow, remove the lid from the tank and close the toilet flapper. You can make the plunger more pliant by running it under hot water. If you are still unable to fix the problem it might be time to consider calling a plumber. If you have a clogged sewer line it could cause a sewage backup which can be very messy, an experienced plumber will help you find the exact problem and remedy it.

4. Low Water Pressure

If you’re experiencing low water pressure you can sometimes fix it by replacing your shower head but this doesn’t always work. Make sure to also check your valves and turn them to the fully opened position. If none of things work in fixing your low water pressure it could be time to call a plumber to take a look. Often leaky or broken pipes can cause low water pressure and trying to find the problem on your own can be very difficult.

If after reading this article you feel like you might have a problem that warrants calling a plumber be sure to give GTA Restoration a call at 416-358-666 our emergency plumbing team has years of experience and we can help you no matter how large the problem.


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