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As part of the maintenance strategies regular underground garage pressure washing is a key element to bring down the cost.

Pressure washing garage floor surface will help you remove any crystallized salts that could erode your concrete or cause chloride contamination. Clean floors help with inspection of surface coatings, reduce air pollutants and give the garage a generally appealing atmosphere. 

However, garage maintenance should neither be stressful nor over the budget project. That is where our pressure washing expertise comes in handy.

Commercial Parking Garage Cleaning Company in Toronto -Before and After

With industry experience spanning over 20 years “GTA Restoration is the Supreme Mobile Wash Group.” has the knowledge, equipment, in-house know-how, working out logistics, and the most important resource - experienced staff and supervisor team. This solid ground helps us to understand and achieve the balance between price and great service. 

Hence for the upcoming service and maintenance season we have developed pricing strategies that will help cut down your expense without compromising quality of our service.

Hire #1 of The Best Parking Garage Cleaning Company in Toronto

Parking Garage Cleaning:

As roads are becoming more densely packed with vehicles, it has become very difficult to find parking places. This is more true for extravagant cities like Toronto. As more and more people are moving in every day, every inch of land is very precious to be filled with cars. Due to this, parking agar ages are very significant to keep the city less packed. But, even though not much is required for maintaining parking garages, it is very important to have them cleaned thoroughly every once in a while.

Effort to clean a Parking garage:

As all types of vehicles are parked in these parking spaces, cleaning them reduces the chances of slip and fall injuries to vehicle owners due to oil particulates. Moreover, it makes the parking garages look more presentable and reduces the chances of drain clogging due to dirt build-up. But, while it is obviously beneficial for you, it takes a lot of effort to clean a parking garage, due to its large size. If you are looking for professional help for Parking garages cleaning in Toronto, then contact GTA Restoration Group Inc. to do the job.

Reduce Water Consumption:

GTA Restoration in Toronto's #1 Pressure Washing Company in Toronto located professional cleaners, that offers its services to industrial and commercial places. Though primarily they started off giving their services to homeowners and small commercial establishments, now they have increased their area of operations.GTA Restoration Pressure Washing Company is an EPA compliant professional cleaners that recover and recycle their water and reducing water consumption. Their equipment recycles the wastewater, which can be later reused for other jobs. For Parking garage cleaning service in Toronto, they use Deep cleaning, surface cleaning, and conventional pressure washing method to clean the garage. They spotless the garage and remove any type of impurity or oil residue. To know more about their services, you can visit their official website.

Street & Lot Sweeping Specialists that fit your needs! Toronto & Surrounding Areas

We are a premier regional street power sweeping contractor, GTA Restoration Group inc serves businesses and Homeowner Associations in Toronto & Greater Toronto Area. Whether you’re looking for a municipal or private street sweeper, retail center parking lot cleaning, or a one-time construction site clean-up, GTA Restoration provides excellent quality and customized plans to fit your needs. Call Today or message us today with your property details for a FREE consultation.

Parking Lot Sweeping In Toronto

There might be other parking lot sweepers you’ve heard about, but none of them compare to what GTA Restoration Group Toronto has to offer. We don’t just provide you with excellent, reliable services – we also provide you with the other half of the equation: outstanding customer service. When you call us, you’ll talk to a certified customer service representative. They’ll answer your questions, schedule your appointments, and make you wish that all of your other service providers were as friendly and courteous.

Why Us?

- Reliable technicians
- High-quality customer service
- Professional service
- Sweeping for all kinds of spaces
- Customizable schedules
- Eco-friendly sweepers
- Fuel-efficient vehicles

Small Lots To Big Complexes – We Got You Covered

As Toronto continues to grow, we are ready to expand with it. We offer parking lot sweeping in Greater Toronto Area as well as other property maintenance services. Regardless of the size of your lot, we can work with you to put together the best maintenance plan that works for you and your budget. Whether your lot draws a lot of foot traffic or is off the beaten path, our trucks are equipped with everything we might need to keep your building looking great. Better yet, we work within your schedule.

Contact us to schedule our team to clean up during or after high traffic times of the day, or early in the morning before anyone arrives. Even if you only require clean up services after a construction or remodeling upgrade, Universal Site Services is committed to offering you the best service at a fair price.

We also offer other specialty cleaning services

Commercial parking garage cleaning

Parking Lot Maintenance

An array of proven and efficient sweeping methods to clean and beautify your property.

Commercial parking garage cleaning

Pressure Washing

Powerful method for cleaning polluted and contaminated environments.

Commercial parking garage cleaning

Day Porter Services

A daily or monthly cleaning program to upkeep your establishment.

Commercial parking garage cleaning

Landscape Services

Dedicated to creating and maintaining long-term sustainable and comprehensive landscape management programs for our clients.

Commercial parking garage cleaning

Property Maintenance

An assortment of specific services targeted to protect and renew your property.

Commercial parking garage cleaning

Graffiti Removal

Leading-edge anti-graffiti coatings and market-leading environmentally safe graffiti removal products.

COVID-19 Site Disinfecting

Cleaning Services For COVID-19GTA restoration is here to make sure your sites are cleaned and ready for employees and customers. We help eliminate the risk of dormant or residual Coronavirus agents on surfaces inside and outside of your business or property.

GTA Restoration #1 Office Disinfecting Team in Toronto

Professional Landscaping Services You Can Trust

Lush greenery or colorful flowers can help anyone feel good. Liven up your building with customized landscaping. Business parks can have a reputation for being dreary and boring. Our team can determine the best foliage to bring some color to your parking lot.

We have years of experience with starting a new landscape design from scratch or making adjustments to make an existing landscape look so much better. Maintenance does not have to be a worry as our services include irrigation, trimming, and pruning.

Property Services To Showcase Toronto’s Best

Universal Site Services specializes in more than just parking lot sweeping. A clean parking lot can get you far, but there are other things to consider to keep your property looking its best. For more intense cleaning jobs, our team can come out with a pressure washer to clean away dirt beyond the surface.

From windows to gutter cleaning, we can handle any job needed to make your property look its best. When you are a property manager or running a business, your day can be busy from sun up to sun down. Let us take some of the hard work off your plate and have your outside exterior looking great.

Proudly Serving The Toronto and the GTA.

Part of what makes Toronto such a unique place is that it is connected to cities and neighborhoods all over the Greater Toronto Area. People from all over flock to the Toronto Ontario area to live in one of the most beautiful regions in the world. You can find anything you could possibly need from gorgeous beaches to frantic city living. GTA Restoration is honored to serve cities all over Toronto and the GTA.

The Benefits Of Parking Lot Sweeping

Want to know how regular parking lot sweeping can help you? There are many benefits that parking lot sweeping can offer your business. From a better-looking parking lot to a space that is free of tripping and slipping hazards, you’ll enjoy the benefits of our services. Regular parking lot sweeping in Toronto and the GTA will improve the look of your building and deliver a great first impression.

Your building’s overall presentation will have a more inviting feel that will let people know that they are welcome. In addition, people will be safe as any tripping hazards or dangerous trash and debris can be taken care of before an incident occurs. While the aesthetics of your building are important, it is just as crucial to keep the environment in mind.

A clean parking lot helps the environment by discouraging littering and helps to keep air and water clean. Even our parking lot sweeping trucks are environmentally friendly and do not put harmful pollutants back into the atmosphere as we are sweeping.

- Improves the look of your building
- Helps the environment
- Puts off a great first impression
- Removes tripping hazards
- Discourages littering
- Deters rodents and wildlife
- Keeps air and water clean

Parking Lot Sweeping In Toronto And Beyond

We aren’t just parking lot sweepers in Toronto – we also offer our services to the surrounding cities. Check out our list of regularly serviced areas below:

Why Choose Us?

We Guarantee Our Work

Consumers and business owners in Toronto and the GTA have a lot of choices; select and trust GTA Restoration Group in Toronto with your parking lots and garages. Our team of professionals at GTA Restoration Group uses hot water, pre-treating methods, and a very precise high pressure to clean stubborn stains and surfaces that impact and contribute to your company’s curb appeal that GTA Restoration Group can even clean the walls within the parking structure along with walkways and driving lanes to create a sparkling clean exterior that your patrons feel safe traversing.

Making things even easier with a sweeping maintenance schedule; GTA Restoration Group in Toronto offers a maintenance plan so that you can always have your property looking clean without the hassle of scheduling, setting-up, or arranging service provision when you are busy with other things. Know that GTA Restoration Group cleaning services are 100% guaranteed and the job is not done until you- the customer- is satisfied.

If you feel that you would like to know more about current promotion please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best In Class Commercial Cleaning Services In Toronto.


Business owners may have the choice of cleaning their buildings themselves or enlisting a commercial cleaning business to clean the building for them and many find that there are various advantages offered by contracting a commercial cleaning service for this work. They additionally comprehend that there are sure things to search for in a commercial building cleaning organization. An expert commercial cleaning business meet has a few attributes that demonstrate that they can give quality services. Free yourself from the obligation of cleaning by employing a commercial cleaning business for the majority of your commercial cleaning needs.

Why Should I hire professional commercial cleaning services?

Keeping up a clean and sterile office condition is basic to the achievement of your business. Most organizations will hire an expert cleaning service to deal with this instead of enlisting a full-time janitor. GTA restoration group A cleaning service company offers cleaning services in all territories of your office. You’ll likely discover a few office cleaning organizations in your city, so you’ll need to know the one truth that is stranger than fiction for you. Despite the fact that you might look set aside extra cash, the organization with the most minimal cost isn’t generally the best arrangement. Are you looking for professional commercial cleaning services in Toronto?

Well, to make it easier for you, as the best Toronto Pressure Washing service provider. We have many years of experience in this business, unlike their competitors. The teams at GTA Restoration is #1 in Toronto for such a service provider we are well-trained and professionally handle any kind of situation. Simply call our helpline number in order to book the cleaning service. Moreover, when it comes to cleaning prices. All services offered by us are affordable in prices as compared to other service providers in Toronto and the GTA.

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