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How to Prevent Household Water Damage in Toronto Winter!

Ice Damage can Cause Water Leak & Mold within 24-Hours!

Spring has arrived and the snow has begun to slowly melt, while many of us look forward to this time of year it can also cause a lot of issues. You should be extra careful around this time of the year to make sure that no water is able to get through your roof or into your basement.

Ice Damage Can Cause Water Leak and Mold within 24-Hours

When the snow melts it will often find ways to get into your home. If you find yourself in a situation where water is getting into your home and you experience flooding or water damage you can check out our guide on what to do it your basement floods.

In most cases during this time of the season basement leaks will occur slowly as the temperature begins to rise so you might not notice them straight away. If you notice any of your walls or floors are moist examine them for water damage. If you think you might be experiencing a water leak but are not sure you can always call a company like GTA Restoration to perform water leak detection.

If you think you might be having trouble with water getting into your home don’t wait to see what happens. If mold begins to grow in your home it will only make the situation worse and more expensive to repair. If you think you might already have mold, GTA Restoration can perform a mold inspection to see if you have any and if you do we can remove it as well.

In all cases it is best to not take risks when it comes to water damage. Let the experts handle it, at the very least it will provide you peace of mind, but in many cases especially with mold it can save your health.


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