Identifying if you How to find small leaks in your Toronto home water-meterhave a leak

How to Identify if you have a leak in your property!

One of the easiest ways to identify a leak is by checking your water meter. Most properties have water meters that are designed to warn you in the case of a leak. When checking your water meter look for a small red or blue triangle, if your water system is running and water is flowing the triangle should be spinning. To check for a leak, you should turn all the faucets in your property off and make sure that no water is running. Check the meter again, is the triangle still spinning? If you have a leak it will continue to spin.

If your water meter is older and doesn’t have a leak detector triangle on it, it is still possible for you to use it to check for leaks. You can do it by following these simple steps:

- Check your water meter and write down the numbers that it displays. 
- Switch off all the faucets in the property and make sure no water is running for half an hour. 
- After waiting for half an hour with all the water systems off check the water meter again. If the numbers change you most likely have a leak. 

If you have a leak you should call a professional company like GTA Restoration so that we can help you identify it and solve it. Don’t delay, not solving this problem will lead to much worse and expensive issues! 

Finding the source of a leak

Sometimes a leak is not very difficult to spot, some obvious things that you can look for when trying to find a leak include peeling wallpaper/paint, mildew starting to grow and water damage on your ceiling. Although these leaks are easy to spot sometimes it is not so easy and you will need to hire a company that has the proper equipment to find leaks. GTA Restoration has the tools and equipment to easily and painlessly find leaks in your home. Check out our leak detection page for more information on the told that we use! 

If you need emergency plumbing services don’t hesitate to call GTA Restoration at 416-358-6666


  1. Your ideas will help every house owner. By following your ideas we can identify leakage problems in our home. One of the leading causes of leaks is corrosion. Pipes are susceptible to rust as they age. Loose water connectors and broken seals in your appliances are also common causes of leaks. Denver Restoration Services provide all the affordable solutions that you need.


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