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Mold Inspector performing a full Mold Inspection and Mold Test in Toronto a Property

Mold Contamination may affect a child’s IQ & health.

Performing a Mold Test & Inspection will protect your kids and the loved ones!

Today’s parents make better choices for their children. Nowadays we have a greater understanding of how the environment, what goes in their kids food, the plastics, toys are made off, all can include contaminants or harmful chemicals that can be detrimental to both their children’s health and even their mental development. Organic foods, non GMO, natural clothing and natural house cleaning supplies are some of the choices parents make to protect their children’s health.

But very few parents think about their home indoor air quality and how that affects their children every single day.

With the aging real estate in Toronto, mold resulting from moisture and water damage, especially in spring due to the snow melt, has become an issue that SHOULD be checked. Also, new properties that had any water damage in the past carry a high risk for mold growth.

Home mold testing gives you peace of mind!


Not all mold is dangerous. But certain types of mold have been correlated to health issues like allergic reactions, respiratory infections, inflammation of the lungs and development of asthma in young children. Also individuals with a compromised immune system may be at increased risk for infection from molds.


A 2011 study in Poland following 277 children for 6 years showed that there were neurologic effects and an impact to the cognitive function of children exposed to dangerous types of mold in early childhood. The adjusted IQ deficit attributed to longer exposures to indoor molds (more than 2 years) was significantly lower on the IQ and tripled the risk of low IQ scoring compared with references. Source:

Granted, the Polish children in this study suffered chronic exposure to indoor mold, and only specific mold species are toxic, like a black mold for example. BUT non visible home mold could result in chronic mold exposure before the growth spreads to visible areas.

Mold in the Ceiling, Working with Mold Removal Toronto


Mold is not always growing in visible areas of high moisture like your kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. Hidden mold can grow in all building materials, inside and close to vent areas, basements and attics.

This hidden mold can be as dangerous as visible growth areas. Mold spores travel in the air, through vents, carried by your HVAC system throughout your house.


Having your home tested for mold and assessing your indoor air quality is easily done by Mold Removal & Remediation professionals in your area. Cost is relatively low and averages about $240 depending on the size of your home and any already visible mold areas. This is a non-invasive process which that will not cause any damage to your property or need for renovation.

Some of the mold testing steps include an indoor air quality test using air monitoring instruments that have the capability to measure mold spores quantity and mold species present in your air. Also, the indoor air quality test will give readings on carbon dioxide & monoxide and other air pollutants.

If small visible mold areas exist in your home a swab will be collected from each affected area and a mold test will be performed for each swab to determine the mold species present.


How to make a Mold Containment Chamber Toronto

Mold Removal is the answer!

If mold is found in your home it should be taken cared off as fast as possible to prevent any further growth. Also, areas of existing mold, even if it is not toxic, are perfect breeding grounds for other mold species to find a home.

In order to properly remove all mold it is important to build an airtight containment area using the ceiling to floor and wall to wall plastic sheeting. By isolating the work area the mold remediators ensure that mold spores are not released from the site and travel further into your home affecting more areas. After the mold effected drywall/wood/carpet or flooring is removed dehumidifiers are set up and used to dry the affected area making sure that no moisture is present for mold to grow.

Mold Inspection and Testing Toronto

Mold Remediation in nacecery!

Once all the mold is removed the area is treated with antimicrobial, anti fungal and disinfectant treatment solutions that inhibit future mold growth. HEPA vacuums are finally used to get rid of any remaining mold spores.

We believe that a $400 investment is worth the peace of mind it will give parents and homeowners and it could potentially save you renovation costs if mold affected areas are caught before they expand to large areas.

GTA Restoration is a mold removal & remediation service provider in Toronto serving the Greater Toronto Area. We are an IICRC certified mold remediation company with 19 years of experience in mold removal & remediation. We also perform thermal imaging leak and moisture detection and home buyer’s surveys.

Give us a call today to book your home mold testing & inspection: 416-358-6666


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