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Prevent Toronto Spring Flood!

Prevent House Flood from Spring Rains!

House Flood: Spring is just around the corner and each year Canadians eagerly await the arrival of warmer weather. But along with the higher temperatures, homeowners must be aware of spring rains and spring run-off water from all the melting snow and frozen water in the ground. Spring flood are common at this time of year and going through a checklist of potential risk areas that can contribute to flooding is important. Water damage from spring flood or spring rains can be costly to repair so better be safe than sorry!

Prevent Water Damage from Melting Snow!

Here is a list of things that could cause a flood in your home:

- Poor drainage and blocked drains

- Cracks around your foundation and basement walls

- Blockage to the sewer system from your home

- Sump pump failure

Here is what you should do to avoid house flood:

- Clear all snow around the foundation walls of your home. Melting snow pilled up around the perimeter of your home will run down your basement walls. Make sure you create channels through the snow that melting water and rain water can escape, preferably leading to a downhill.

- Clean your gutters, drains and downspouts. Remove snow, ice, debris from the winter and anything that could create a blockage.

- Make sure your downspouts coming from the roof extends at least two meters away from your foundation.

- If your house is susceptible to flooding then the installation of a sump pump is a good investment.

- If you already have a sump pump installed then test it to make sure it is working properly.

- Check your basement walls for cracks or openings. Seal all cracks and make sure to seal around windows too.

- Make sure the grading of the soil around your home slopes away from your foundation. Remove dead plants and plant matter from around your home to ensure that the grading will be level to let water drain away from your house.

If you do experience basement flooding or a sewer backup then give GTA Restoration a call at 416-358-6666 to prevent further water damage. We specialize in water damage and flood restoration, structural drying, and sewer backup cleanup.


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