Bathroom Renovations Toronto

Tips: Considering on Bathroom Renovation!

A bathroom renovation project is a big undertaking, it is a space that the whole family uses, and your bathroom design not only needs to be aesthetically pleasing, it should offer functionality and longevity of your investment.

Here are a few things to consider when planning your bathroom renovation:

Bathroom ventilation: To avoid mold, rot and moisture issues in the future it is very important that you choose a proper ventilation system for your bathroom. Spend a little more on your bathroom fan, depending on your square footage and if a window is also available in the room. Also consider that your bathroom ventilation system is better to be vented downwards through the basement and out through the rim joists if possible. Do not vent through to an attic or roof as moisture can build up there.

Build-in Shower Area: An open-concept build-in shower area offers more convenience and functionality to a family than a confined shower stall. Make sure that you have well designed drainage and if you opt for a shower area with no door or shower curtain you can install a ceiling mounted rain showerhead that splashes less water.

Bathroom Toilet: Invest in a high quality bathroom toilet. Size, height and fit should be the top considerations when choosing a toilet. Also, modern bathroom toilets offer features of saving water, built-in deodorizers and even self-cleaning models.

Bathroom Tub: When choosing a bathroom tub make sure you try it out for size before you buy. Although more and more people are opting out of having a bathroom tub and instead only having a shower, that can decrease your home value as bathroom tubs are essential for families with small children. If you like the idea of having a spa-like retreat in your home then a jacuzzi tub is the perfect choice for your bathroom.

Bathroom Flooring: When choosing your bathroom tiles make sure they are durable and installed by a professional. Because of the constant exposure to moisture your bathroom tile installation should be water-resistant. Ceramic, marble and stone tiles are the best choice for a bathroom floor. Also consider adding a heated floor system which offers both comfort and also can reduce your heating energy bill.

These are just a few things to consider when you are planning your bathroom renovation but the most important choice is choosing a qualified and professional bathroom renovation company. When it comes to bathroom renovations there are too many important elements that can go wrong, this is an investment that can increase the value of your house, trust a professional like GTA Restoration for a smooth and well built bathroom renovation project.


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