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FIRE Damage Restoration Company in Toronto!

The Importance of Hiring a FIRE Damage Restoration Company!

Think twice before you think it’s a good idea to undertake the smoke & fire damage cleanup on your property, without fire damage restoration professionals. Entering the building after a fire is not safe because there could be hidden dangers.  Without being obvious the stability of the structure may have been compromised, floors and walls might have been damaged and a medley of highly toxic fumes may be masked by the smell of fire.

Fire Damage Restoration

Water and chemicals used to extinguish the fire will cause additional damage that can continue long after the flames are extinguished. The fire may be out, but the water, ash, soot, smoke-odors and residue that remain can continue to do serious harm. As soon as the fire starts ash residue gathers and within hours it will discolour appliances, tarnish metals, and craze acrylic. It will permanently yellow walls, and permanently discolour upholstery and clothing within days. It will corrode metal and will cause wood to require refinishing or replacement. If more than a week passes before professionals enter to start fire decontamination and restoration the smoke damage may cause metals to corrode beyond repair, glass too etched to be salvaged and wood floors may become permanently discoloured.

When confronted with fire damage clean up, call an IICRC-certified professional.

An IICRC certified fire restoration company understands the urgent need for a quick response.  Immediate action is necessary because the longer the delay, the harder and more costly the job will be as damage to the materials can continue to occur. IICRC certified professionals use their knowledge of fire restoration to accurately identify the extent of damage, determine the treatment solutions and then apply the proper repairs according to IICRC procedures to bring the items back to pre-loss condition whenever possible.

IICRC stands for the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. It is the main oversight agency in this industry. IICRC professional fire damage repair will remove the ash, water, chemical-fire retardant and smoke residue left behind. This will include treatment of every surface that is affected by ash and soot including cleaning down walls, floors, countertops, stairs, ceilings, and furniture. Ash and smoke will be present in the vents and ducts, as they are quickly taken up by the HVAC system. Fire restoration crews will access the property’s ducts to clean them out and prevent either from re-entering the property.

Fire restoration companies have trucks fully equipped with state of the art equipment used to mitigate damages and return a fire-damaged property to its original condition prior to the fire. The fire restoration process involves the repair of any structures damaged by fire, smoke, water or fire retardant chemicals. Wood floors and carpets undergo a chemical process to clean and remove smoke odour. Sub-floor materials undergo inspection for structural damage, or potential mold growth and may even need to be replaced. A hired fire restoration company and IICRC professional team that come in to do the job will establish the full extent of damage and then formulate a plan and set of protocols based upon IICRC standards.

Upholstery, furnishings and personal belongings like documents, photographs, jewellery, and clothing are carefully packed and taken to a separate location and then restored to pre-fire condition. Your property is aired and thoroughly dried-out using industrial fans and drying equipment that will eliminate the effects of odor, mold and mildew. Industrial decontamination and deodorization continues throughout the fire restoration process.

Building renovators with emergency plumbers and building trades may need to be contracted. IICRC certified companies like GTA Restoration Inc. ensure that the correct information and documentation are completed to meet the insurance industry standards for repairs, remediation or replacement of your damaged property. Insurance claims can be confusing and become time consuming. GTA Restoration also offers competitive pricing in the case you do not want to use a home or commercial insurance claim. They are experienced and qualified in a wide range of repair with their own tradesmen on staff. As an IICRC certified company GTA Restoration have all the health and safety certifications and insurance licenses to meet your needs and secure your confidence. They are available day and night 24 hours a day 7 days a week at (416) 500-0920.

Fire restoration should be implemented as soon as possible after a house fire is out. Making sure to contact a fire restoration company that has a certified seal from the IICRC can reduce costs and the risk of permanent loss of personal belongings and property. The longer the delay in contacting a professional fire restoration company, the greater the damages continue to grow.


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