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Flooded Basement Remediation In Toronto by GTA Restoration!

Toronto Flooding – causing, restoration, and prevention!

A flooded basement is a condition where a large amount of water accumulates in the basement of the house caused by various reasons. The standing water in the basement can be a great threat to the safety and hygiene of your house. It can cause a lot of damages to your home and belongings for instance mold growth, damage foundations, ruin stored items and damage to furniture. Most of the time, the homeowners try to restore the flooded basement but results in further damage as the layman have not enough knowledge to restore flooded basement keeping in view all types of damage. No matter what is the quantity of standing water, the damage could be very serious even a small quantity of water can result in severe water damage. Hence the cleanup of the flooded basement is necessary quickly and properly by professionally trained contractors.

Causes of a basement flooding in Toronto!

There are many causes of a flooded basement with water sources both inside and outside the home.

1. Outside sources of Water Damage

The floods
are the obvious outside water sources of a flooded basement. The floods may be
caused by the melting of glaciers and snow, heavy rainfalls etc. It can damage
the home’s foundation.

2. Broken or leaking supply pipes

The leakage and bursting of water pipelines is the inside source of flooded water in basements. You can see if the water is coming from the ceiling and is clean, there are chances that the problem lies in supply pipes. You can stop water flow by turning off the valves to stop water flowing in pipes and hence leakage of water.

3. Sewage backup

In case you observe that flooded water is dirty with the stinky smell, there are high chances that the water is coming from the sewage system back up. To avoid further build-up of water, try not to flush, use a washing machine, or run water through the drain. It will add more dirty water to your basement. It could be extremely harmful to your health as it contains infectious entities and disease-causing bacteria, if not treated timely and properly. In such a situation, you need to call Emergency Plumber services to rescue.

Other causes of flooded basement include:

- Surface water seeping down the foundation of the house
- Groundwater from oversaturated soil which is being pushed up by hydrostatic force
- Stormwater from the sewer system
- Poor drainage

Things to do for remediation and restoring flooded basement in Toronto!

The very first thing you must do is to stay away from standing water. Don’t step inside standing basement water. You are at high risk of electrical shock.

Turn off
all the electrical appliances and power supply. Do touch the power or
electrical appliances while standing in water. To be safe you can call an
electrician for help.

Stop the flow of water if you can, by detecting the source of water. Sources of water can be broken or leaking pipes, sewage backup and groundwater. How you will do this, depends on the source of water flooding.

Ventilate the basement to remove odor and moisture to some extent by opening windows and ventilators.

Pump out the water as quickly as possible. You are unable to do this job by yourself so it is better to call professional services with modern tools such as high-power vacuum pumps to pump out standing water. The professionals will further work for the restoration and cleanup of all possible damaging substances.

Precautions to prevent Toronto basement flooding!

There are number of ways which you can adapt to prevent facing the flooded damage again.

- Insulate and secure your pipes

Insulating pipes to prevent thawing is the best option to prevent pipes leakage and bursting.

- Maintain sewage backwater valves

It will help prevent the seepage and coming of sewer wastewater from septic tanks to your home.

- Dumping and flushing with care

Dumping and flushing each and everything in the toilet can be a big issue for the blockage of the sewage system. Besides toilet paper and water, anything you dump in the toilet would be a great threat to the sewage system

- Resolve drainage problems

Drainage issues must be addressed from time to time so that the water drains out easily and no blockage occurs. Thus, in case of the flooded basement, there are many things you can do immediately but for proper cleanup to avoid later consequences, the best choice is to contact professional flooded basement restoration services.


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