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Top 10 Emergency Plumbers in Toronto

How to Prevent Plumbing Emergency in Toronto!

No matter what kind of building you look at, most have plumbing systems that function roughly the same way. Although one thing to keep in mind if you’re an owner or resident of a multifamily housing system such as an apartment building or condo is that one problem such as a backed up sink can cause lots of problems not just in your unit but for many of the residents living in the same building. No matter what your case it is always good to be aware of potential problems and how to avoid them in order to keep your home in good condition. Below we’ve listed three commons that our emergency plumbers regularly encounter.

Clogged Drains: Clogged Drains are a very common problem in all kinds of buildings, if you live in a property with multiple units it’s important to take care of it quickly as one clogged sink in one apartment can cause other sinks along the line to back up as well. In major situations, this could even lead to a flood in a lower unit.

Dirty Water: If you live in an older building it’s not surprising to experience dirty water. As soon as pipes and connections are installed they begin to deteriorate which after many years can cause corrosion and lead to dirty water. Having your property regularly inspected can help to make sure that water lines are not being contaminated from collapsed sewage lines.

Damaged Main Line: If you notice that your water bill is suddenly more expensive than it might be due to a broken main line. You may also notice a strange smell and standing water. Not only is this a concern because your water bill is higher but it could also be a health risk.Knowing about these three problems is good so that you know what to expect. Although it’s better to avoid them fully. Below we’ve listed a few tips to help prevent clogged drains:

Use your garbage disposal carefully: Garbage disposals might be handy but if they are not used properly they can cause a lot of headache in the future. It is very important that when a garbage disposal is used, it’s used for both the right things and the right quantity or you it can cause clogs.Use drain screens: If you do not have drain screen then you should install them, this is a simple tip that can help prevent a clog. Drain screens may not be able to stop all debris from going down your drain but they will do a good job at stopping most of it.

Have plumbing inspections: Problems are almost always taken care of best if they are caught early. By having a plumbing inspection done by GTA Restoration you can ensure that nothing is wrong with your plumbing system giving you peace of mind and if a problem is found then it can be quickly taken care of before it gets worse.

In a plumbing emergency you can always call GTA Restoration at 416-658-6666 we cover the whole Greater Toronto Area and would love to help you.


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