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Water Damage from Forzen Burst Pipe in Toronto!

Plumbing Emergency Water Damage in Toronto!

If you are experiencing a plumbing issue in Toronto, it can sometimes be hard to tell if it is an emergency that needs to be dealt with right away or a simple problem that can wait. Our emergency plumbing team has written a few of the most common emergency plumbing issues below so that you can easily tell right away if you are experiencing them. These problems should be dealt with as soon as possible and can cause much larger issues if not dealt with immediately.

Burst Pipe in Toronto:

If you experience a burst pipe in your property and it begins to flood you should shut off your water valve and call an emergency plumber immediately. If this is not done as soon as possible it will likely lead to water damage which can cause damage to your belongings and more importantly encourage mold growth.

Leaky Pipe in Toronto:

A leaky pipe might not seem like a big deal at first, especially if it is a small leak but do not let it fool you. A leaky pipe needs to be taken care of as soon as possible, although it might not cause as much water as a burst pipe even a leaky pipe can lead to serious water damage over time. It is not uncommon for leaky pipes to go unnoticed and cause serious mold growth.

Sewage Backup in Toronto:

If you experience a sewage backup it is very important that you make sure that you and anybody else living with you, including pets stay away from the area affected. Sewage water carries lots of bacteria and can be very dangerous to your health. We recommend that if you experience a sewer backup you immediately call us as it can be very serious and should be taken care of properly.

Frozen Pipes in Toronto:

Usually, a frozen pipe will first be noticed when you have no water flow, or reduced water flow in your property. If you experience a frozen pipe it is an emergency and should be dealt with very carefully, often frozen pipes can turn into burst pipes which can quickly cause tons of damage to your home and potentially cause mold growth if not taken care of properly.

Basement Floods in Toronto:

Basement floods may happen due to one of the problems listed above, but no matter why they happen they are an emergency that needs to be taken care of quickly. Basement floods that are not properly taken care of can quickly lead to mold growth and other worse problems. It is very important that you call a company that has experience dealing with water damage like GTA Restoration to prevent mold growth.

Wet/Damp Areas:

If you have a wet or damp area in your home and are unsure why you should call an emergency plumber to help you find the cause. Damp/wet areas are often just the beginning to a potentially larger problem. GTA Restoration has emergency plumbers in Toronto and GTA available 24/7 and has been helping serve the community for years. Our team is highly experienced in dealing with all of the problems listed above and we are happy to help whenever our assistance is required. If you experience any sort of plumbing problem or water damage feel free to call us (416-358-6666) and we can help you.


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