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Be Aware for Dangers of Asbestos in the Workplace!

Tips for Workplace Dangers of Asbestos!

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral fiber found in rock that is often used as a building material in older homes and buildings. Those who work in an office in an older building built before 1990 may be at risk for being exposed to asbestos. They are more likely to exhibit symptoms of asbestos exposure since they are exposed daily to it. Asbestos is highly dangerous and is an issue that should not be taken likely. It can be taken care of through basic mold removal remediation.

Types of Asbestos

There are several types of asbestos.

- Chrysotile is white asbestos and is the most common. It is found mostly in the roof, walls, ceilings, and flooring or old buildings.
- Amosite is brown asbestos and can be found in ceiling tiles of old establishments.
- Crocidolite is blue asbestos and can be present in older building’s pipes, plastics, and cement.
- Anthophyllite is often found in talc products and some construction materials.
- Tremolite and actinolite are least likely to be found in older buildings as it is not used commercially but can be found in talc products.

Asbestos Exposure can cause Big Health issues!

Asbestos is not directly dangerous, as it only poses a risk to your health if the fibers are released into the air. This risk can be increased in the workplace where there is more likely to be commercial work being done like renovations, etc.

- Asbestosis is a lung disease that can occur when asbestos particles are inhaled. With asbestosis comes a high risk of mesothelioma which is a cancer of the lining of the body cavity. It is extremely rare but preventable.

Whether or not an individual is at risk for asbestos is or mesothelioma will depend on certain factors. Those are:

- If you smoke or have any pre-existing lung diseases.
- How much asbestos is present in the air.
- How long you are exposed to asbestos.
- The physical traits of the asbestos fibers (type, size, and shape).

In addition, you are at asbestos risk if:

- The building was built before 1990.
- If asbestos fibers are exposed to the environment directly and are fraying or are disturbed and in the open. Asbestos that is safely enclosed behind a wall has little risk of being disturbed and becoming airborne, thus poses little risk.
- If the building is undergoing asbestos removal and proper precautions are not being taken.
- If you are a construction worker remodeling a building built before 1990. 

Symptoms of Asbestos Exposure!

Often times, the signs of asbestos exposure can take
years to develop. Some symptoms to look out for as early warning signs of
asbestos exposure are:

- Wheezing and shortness of breath.
- Chest tightness.
- Abdominal swelling.
- Hernias
- Cackling sound when you breathe.
- Other respiratory complications.

These symptoms aren’t a sure sign of asbestos exposure but are definite signs to look out for. If you work in a building built before 1990 and develop these symptoms, you should contact your physician.


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